Meet Rita Carr

Rita Carr is the founder of Hope Unlimited Ministries and has been working in full-time ministry for several years now. She is a single mother of three children and a proud grandmother of seven grandchildren.

Prior to her ministry work, Rita worked as a counselor for both adolescents and adults at the Fortwood Mental Health Center in Chattanooga. Before that, she was the director of a state-funded Primary Prevention Program, a consultant in juvenile court, and a coordinator for Families in Action in Jackson, Tennessee. Rita also developed the Inmate Speaker's Bureau through the Department of Correction and the Early Elementary Intervention Program prior to working in ministry. She has served on numerous boards and committees in Tennessee including the Scenic City Women's Board of Directors and D.A.R.E.

Her educational background includes a bachelor's degree in organizational behavior, a master's degree in education, and a doctorate in Christian counseling.

Rita is a licensed counselor through the Tennessee Board of Mental Health and Mental Retardation. She is clinically certified as a cognitive behavioral therapist and a domestic violence counselor through the College of Forensic Counselors. She is also nationally certified as an alcohol and drug counselor (NAADAC) and a professional counselor through the Psychotherapist Association and a PTSD therapist. 

Her extensive education and professional experiences have prepared Rita to serve single mothers and their children in her community of Chattanooga as well as in other areas of the world.

Ms. Carr has authored a book titled, "My Journey Home: There is Hope for Single Parent Families and Hurting Women" which is her biography of God's faithfulness in every area of her life. "My Journey Home" is also a book that relates to the struggles and emotional wounds that single parents often encounter. 

Ms. Carr has also authored a study guide called, "My Journey Home: Jesus Christ the Rescuer of Wounded Emotions". This study guide is a reminder of the hope that Jesus Christ provides, which will enable one to move forward with the encouragement and strength that He and He alone can provide.

Some of Ms. Carr's experience:

  • Served on the Peacemaker Committee
  • Served on the Scenic City Women's Board of Directors
  • Served on the Chattanooga Community Corrections Service Center Board of Directors
  • Served on the State of Tennessee Health Primary Prevention Steering Committee and D.A.R.E.
  • Worked as Director of the Primary Prevention Program and Teacher Training Program.
  • Former Coordinator for Families in Action in Jackson, Tennessee.
  • Experience in program development, workshop presentation, and writing outcome funding programs/proposals.


"The heart of the vision for Hope Unlimited Ministry is to reach these families in a hurting, lost and dying world for Jesus Christ that they may be saved and have hope" - Rita Carr