How to Help Hope Unlimited

"Our help comes from the Lord." 

That has been and remains the theme of all of our ministry. But we know and see how our faithful Lord gives His people the joy of being involved in His work. God has gifted some of us to do and some of us to give. That is the beauty of the body of Christ.

Our hope is that you will be obedient to the work of God in your life and pray - for us, and for your own involvement in the work of Hope Unlimited. It will be our joy to share the work with you, and with grateful hearts we will gladly receive whatever the Master Giver wants to provide through you.

To volunteer or to mail or make a an in-person contribution, please contact us.

If you desire to make an online contribution to help Hope Unlimited, please use the form below.

After you complete the following information and click submit, on the following page click "Pay Now" to be taken to PayPal to make your donation. Thank You!!!

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